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About  Comfortaire  Air Beds

Here are the things that Kate and I love about our Comfortaire air bed...
  • It's Adjustable
    We can both have it our own way. Because our size and weight is different, we can adjust our personal air chambers (dual cores) to a level of support that's pleasing to our bodies, with a push of a button.

  • It's Comfortable
    On an old-fashioned steel spring bed, there are always "pressure points" because the mattress is manufactured for one particular body size and shape. Because we can adjust the bed to our own size and weight, Kate and I experience a mattress that is perfectly matched just for us.

    Too Firm!
    Traditional Mattress
    Ordinary mattresses can impede circulation and create pressure points causing uneven support and restless sleep.
    Comfortaire reduces pressure points and enhances overall circulation, resulting in a better night's sleep.

  • It's Healthy
    Most people are unable to sleep on their backs due to little or no support in the low lumbar region, yet sleeping on your back is the healthiest possible position in which to sleep. On your back, you distribute your body weight across the widest surface of your body, which minimizes pressure points, and your internal organs are in proper alignment. As you lie on a Comfortaire air bed and adjust it, you'll feel it begin to support, cradle and conform to your unique body shape. You'll actually notice that it is easier to breathe. When you have this kind of support, you'll sleep better, feel better and ultimately live better.

  • Me holding a queen sized mattressIt's Easy
    Kate never has to struggle with flipping the mattress over (or getting me to do it) when she's changing the sheets.  Isn't it wonderful, that you will never have to turn your mattress again?

  • It's Convenient
    It's easy to move the Comfortaire mattress. It can be disassembled and carried out by one person. This is a great feature! Kate and I have moved four times over the last nineteen years and moving our queen size Comfortaire was the easiest part.

  • It's Durable
    We have slept on our Comfortaire mattress for the last 22 years (and counting) and it continues to give us the same great support and comfort that we enjoyed in 1982. Every time you lie or sit on an old-fashioned steel spring mattress, you compress the springs and it wears out a little more. Every time you lie or sit on it, it becomes slightly less comfortable. Gradually, after several years, you start to notice that you can feel steel springs poking you or that you are sleeping in a "bucket seat" (you know those hollowed out spots in the middle of your mattress).  We don't have steel coil springs poking us or bucket seats that we sink into! Because the bed is supported by air, which is adjustable, our mattress is as perfectly comfortable today as it was twenty-two years ago.
    For more on Comfortaire's construction, click here...

  • It's Attractive
    This is a great looking mattress. You would never guess this is a Comfortaire air bed if you didn't know it. By the way, all Comfortaire air beds are covered with a fine Damask cover to enhance the beauty and feel.

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