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Whisperflo System
The patented design of the Whisperflo unit allows you to choose from 100 different firmnesses, enabling you to find just the right fit for you. Not only will you be able to find that very specific fit, you will also be able to store that exact firmness in memory-returning to your favorite feel at any time. Our patented Whisperflo system takes the guesswork out of a variable firmness mattress. We have also added a 100% inflated feature. This will allow you to, at the push of a button, return the matress to 100% inflated, resulting in a look great for making your morning. Remember, when you return at night for bed, simply crawling into bed and touching your memory button will return you to that fit you enjoy.

We have also taken great care in designing this unit to maximize durability. Our Whisperflo unit utilizes a ball bearing, variable speed motor that not only allows us to precisely control motor speed - getting you to your exact firmness, but will truly last a lifetime. Also, we have designed unique air sealing valve that will increase the ability to maintain your air level over long periods of time. In fact, the valve is designed to use your body weight in helping to seal the system. That's right, increased weight guarantees a great seal. Also, we have included several modes of operating our new unit. The primary mode is manual, and pressure sensitive. The manual mode operates similar to our standard unit by pushing the plus and minus button, the system simply responds by firming or softening the matress. When you finger is removed from the key pad, the unit briefly displays the pressure setting that you're at for future reference. Memory and Instant Inflate are still features of this mode. The second mode allows you to control your firmness by scrolling through 100 firmness settings. Any one of these settings can be stored for each side of your matress. Again, memory and 100% inflate will operate in this mode as well.

Your Whisperflo air control unit is designed to allow you,

through two unique modes of operation, to find a very specific

firmness and store that firmness in memory. The unit will

arrive to you pre-set in the manual mode. This mode allows

you to change the firmness of your mattress by simply

pushing the + and - keys. When you remove your finger from

the key pad, while adjusting, the pressure that you are

currently at will be briefly displayed on the screen. The

pressure sensitive mode allows you to more precisely scroll

through 100 unique firmnesses, displaying the pressure as

you change the numeric reading on the digital display.

Manual Mode ("1" Indicated on display)
Pressure Sensitive Mode ("2" indicated on display)
To change modes:

Push this button and hold until beep. After beep, remove finger. The number (1) should be displayed on the screen, as you are in the manual mode. To change the mode of operation, push the (+) key, which will change the digital display to (@). To store this pressure sensitive setting, once again hold the mode button down until you hear the beep. You will know that you have transferred to the pressure sensitive mode because the firmness that you are at, in the chamber, will appear on the digital display and remain until changed with the (+) or (-) keys. To change back to manual, again hold the mode key down until beep.

Your instant memory setting works in either mode. Once you have found the feel that you enjoy, hold the blue button in the middle of your remote until you hear a beep. Once you hear this beep, remove your finger as your firmness has been successfully stored. You can now change your firmness to any desired level and rest assured that you can return to your favorite setting by quickly pushing and releasing the blue memory button. Don't hold the blue button down until beep when attempting to go to your memorized firmness or the unit will replace your old memory with the pressure currently being displayed on the screen.

Instant Fill:
The instant fill feature will work in either mode. This instant fill button takes your mattress to 100% full and than automatically shuts off.
Note: You don't need to be on the mattress for this feature to work. The instant fill function will work while you are on or off the mattress.

Soft and Firm Keys:
In the manual mode (1), the (+) and (-) keys will simply firm up and soften the mattress. When you remove your finger from the keypad the current mattress pressure will appear for a few seconds, letting you know your current firmness. In the pressure sensitive mode (2), the (+) and (-) keys change the numeric setting on the digital display and the system automatically achieves the noted pressure. Note: This system is designed to use the back pressure of your weight to achieve desired firmness, and, therefore, changes to firmness should be made while lying on the mattress.

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