Comfortaire  Construction

Let me tell you a little bit about Comfortaire construction...
  • Comfortaire has a zippered top cover.

  • We use a loomstate damask ticking with two layers of super soft foam and a layer of 991 Dacron fiber which is quilted to the ticking providing plush comfort.

  • Below the cover is an additional layer of "anatomical zoned foam" for additional comfort.

  • We use a commercial grade, flexible, 24 gauge chamber constructed of latex rubber.

  • The chamber is double reinforced with non-stretch cotton, with "I" beam construction, which is then molecularly bonded.

  • The air control system and chamber are engineered to support 300 pounds, yet the chamber is firm after filling it with only 5 psi of air

  • DO NOT confuse these chambers with the old fashioned camping mattress that always leaked air! This virtually leak proof system assures years of service and is backed by a 20 year warranty from a company that has been around for nearly seventy years!

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